Year of the Wolf, Amistad and Small Town Artillery

TOUR KICK-OFF SHOW! Small Town Artillery & Year of the Wolf get out on the road to avoid deer and drink beer and most importantly spread that special sauce called rock & roll together. We’re bringing a killer young band from the interior calledAMISTAD to round out the bill – come make your Wednesday into

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Tuesday Fun Darts

LIKE DARTS BUT DON’T WANT TO JOIN A LEAGUE? Every Tuesday during the summer, we will be having “fun darts”, an easy way to learn the ins and outs of league style darts, but on a drop-in basis. Absolute beginners are welcome, we have darts available if you need. Starts around 7:00, ask for Janet.

Anza Club Exterior

Membership At The Anza Club

We’ve had a ton of new faces recently here at the club, and since liquor primary members clubs are few and far between, I thought it was time to explain how the whole membership thing works. The Anza Club is a member owned and operated non-profit social club. The ANZA as an association (Australia New

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