We’ve had a ton of new faces recently here at the club, and since liquor primary members clubs are few and far between, I thought it was time to explain how the whole membership thing works. The Anza Club is a member owned and operated non-profit social club. The ANZA as an association (Australia New Zealand Association) was started in 1935, and the actual premises located at 8th and Ontario were purchased in the late 60s. The staff receives a wage to work here, but other than that, any profits just get reinvested back into the club in the form of maintenance or low drink prices.

Without the members, there is no ANZA. We welcome non-members obviously, but the heart of this unique and familial drinking environment is the people actually getting involved and taking an ownership stake. Membership is $10 per year, which is the lowest amount a members club is allowed to charge in Vancouver. It’s $20 the first year though, as the extra $10 deposit is for the electronic key card, allowing you to bypass that pesky doorbell. How cool is it to have the key to a bar you are a part owner of, for $10 per year? People often ask “What’s in it for me?” regarding becoming a member. This alone is worth it.

But there are certainly other benefits, here’s but a few:

  • Birthday Beers! A free beer on your birthday.
  • Free entry to events in the members lounge. Open Mic (Thursdays), Nautilus (1st and 3rd Wednesdays), and Subduction (2nd and 4th Wednesdays) all charge a small cover at the door. Slide on by with your members card.
  • Craft Beer Club. We recently launched this, members get a craft beer card, any beers they drink get marked, buy 10 pints, next ones on us. Think of the old subway sandwich cards, but for booze.
  • Lineup preference. This isn’t an exact science, but if we’re at capacity and a lineup forms, you’ll probably get in quicker if you’re a member.
  • Having a say. The Anza Club has a monthly board meeting, and an annual general meeting. Members are welcome to come, speak their mind, make suggestions, or even join the board of directors. Try doing that with that company that’s been buying up bars all over the city.
  • The Christmas Potluck. This is awesome. We put a sign up sheet for what people want to bring, The Club provides the turkey, and everyone just has a great time and tries not to fall in a food coma before they get home. There’s live music, we give out a bunch of free drink tickets, everything in the bar is on special and it’s smiles all around.

At the end of the day, the Anza Club is about being a part of something. Whether that just means coming in once in a while to a bar that thinks of you as more than just a dollar sign, or if you want a place where you can organize something awesome or take part in the future direction it goes, this is the place. Bluegrass, League Darts, Nautilus, Subduction, Open Mic and Open Dex are all nights started and run by members.

So if you didn’t know about the members aspect, or if you just didn’t want to ask, here it is. Swing by the bar anytime and ask the bar staff if you have any further questions or want to fill out an application, and if membership isn’t for you, but you still want to support the club please share this post using any of the links on the left.

We look forward to seeing you.