Tuesday Fun Darts

LIKE DARTS BUT DON’T WANT TO JOIN A LEAGUE? Every Tuesday during the summer, we will be having “fun darts”, an easy way to learn the ins and outs of league style darts, but on a drop-in basis. Absolute beginners are welcome, we have darts available if you need. Starts around 7:00, ask for Janet.

Anza Club Exterior

Membership At The Anza Club

We’ve had a ton of new faces recently here at the club, and since liquor primary members clubs are few and far between, I thought it was time to explain how the whole membership thing works. The Anza Club is a member owned and operated non-profit social club. The ANZA as an association (Australia New

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Introducing The Anza Craft Beer Club

The Fabulous Anza is officially launching our craft beer club! On Friday, February 26th, we’ll be having Powell Street Craft Brewery in to give out some awesome samples. All members can come pick up their craft beer passport, and try some of our great new beers. Each beer that you try, we’ll punch a corresponding

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