Our main floor hall is a rental facility that is home to such long running events as Africa Dance, Celluloid Social Club, Atomicon and Pacific Bluegrass Heritage Jam & Concerts. We welcome all kinds of private and public events, from weddings to birthdays, theatre productions to live music, book launches to DJ events.

Our venue was completely renovated in 2012 and features a contemporary, updated bar, performance stage & green room. An intimate and versatile space, our hall is a unique venue for a wide range of events.



ANZA-hosted Bar

Room Rental (includes up to 2 bar staff & security for your event):

Monday - Thursday $400

Friday, Saturday & Sunday $550

*rate covers 5 hours of operation, extra hours are $50/hour

**Cash bar, 19+ 


Renter-Run Bar

Room Rental (renter is responsible for securing a Special Event License, Liquor Liability Insurance, Liquor & SIR Servers)

Monday - Thursday $550

Friday, Saturday & Sunday $800



  • Sound System Rental $100 for DJ/device plug-in or $150 for live music *house sound tech required

  • Sound Tech $100 for DJ/device plug-in or $200 *required for all live events (contact us for package rates for system rental and tech)

  • Projector Rental $50

  • (For Renter-Run Bar) Glassware Rental $50

  • (For Renter-Run Bar) Draft Unit Rental $25

  • (For Renter-Run bar) Liquor Liability Insurance $150


All rentals are subject to the following music licensing fees:

For Live Performance Events (DJs & Live Music) charging admission

  • 3% of ticket sales, minimum of $36.75 (SOCAN)

For events playing pre-recorded music without dancing

  • $47.27 (SOCAN $31.72+GST & ReSound $13.30+GST)

For events playing pre-recorded music with dancing

  • $94.63 (SOCAN $63.49+GST & ReSound $31.72)

*SOCAN collects fees for music author and composer rights and ReSound collects fees for artist and record companies performing rights*

Venue details

  • The hall has a capacity of 117 people, all event staff, performers and guests included (this number does not include ANZA bar staff or security).

  • Renters are responsible for set up and take down of their event.

  • Use of our lounge chairs & cocktail tables, highboy stools & tables, and booth benches & tables are included in the rental.

  • The sound system rental includes a 32-channel sound board, monitors, on stage snake, 10 x 58 Shure microphones, microphone stands and a 4 par can lighting rig and board.



If you are interested in renting the Hall, give us a call at 604-876-7128 or email us at anzaclubinfo@gmail.com.