Anza Love - Our growing community

The Australian New Zealand Association has been a Mount Pleasant Haven since the 1960’s for people from every walk of life. A flourishing non-profit organization, the Anza, is sustained by it’s ever growing base of members and volunteers. Members have the opportunity to have their voices heard at the Annual General Meeting, participate in monthly events and enjoy a network of new, local friends. New ideas are always encouraged and we look forward to adding you to our Anza Family.

Signing Up

To become an Anza Member there is a yearly fee of $10.00, with the option of a one time additional payment of $10.00 for a secure FOB card if you would like to have direct access. No more buzzer! Once approved by the Board, you will be able to pick up your personal member card at the Bar and enjoy the many wonders of the Anza Club. Sounds like the place for you? Sign up below!