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Open Dex


Every Saturday the ANZA club hosts an open dex night downstairs for all you bedroom (and established) DJ's to come down and play your records on a big system. Most electronic styles are welcome, be it house, techno, breaks, drum n' bass/jungle, prog, ambient, hip hop etc.. Just show up, usually anytime before 10 is good, and sign up for any 1/2 hour slot thats still available (4 in all) - always first come, first serve. There is NO COVER, just the mellow ANZA vibe. If you're not feeling like a super amped up night on the town, but want to get out of the house - come down, have a cold one, and enjoy an eclectic mix of music that you probably don't get exposed to all that much.

With our (now rotating) hosts -- Zareh, Jimmy Kicks, Ryan, Fame Nights & Mighty Mac! Open Dex has been a staple in the underground electronic music scene for 15 years and is organized by 5 hosts who are also supported by a number of involved and active volunteers. We don't have a ton of rules but there are some basics that everyone should know.

1 - 10:00 pm to 12:00 am is the "open dex" portion of the evening.

2 - 12:00 am to 2:00 am is the "host / guest" portion of the evening.

3 - Open Dex slots are 30 minutes long.

4 - Only the host for the night handles the sign-up of the DJ's. Host regularly arrive around 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm. Please do not sign-up before the host arrives.

5 - You must be at the ANZA to sign-up! No phoning in your sign-up and no reservations. Signing up is on a first come first serve basis. If there are a number of people who are waiting for the host be civil and honest with who arrived first.

6 - Everyone gets a chance to play. Everyone who has signed up gets the full 30 minutes to play. Even if their experience is limited. Please try to be supportive to new DJ's who are just beginning.

7 - It is frowned upon for DJ's to sign-up early, leave the ANZA and then come back right before their set starts only to leave quickly after. Open Dex is meant to be a social environment for the community to get together and support electronic music and the people playing/dancing to it.

8 - Sound levels - The hosts are responsible for the level (loudness) of the sound for the night. The ANZA is a lounge setting and blasting it in the reds @ 10:00 pm is not needed. If the Anza Staff ask for it down or the Host comes up and turns it down... don't turn it back up!

9 - In order to accommodate the large number of DJ's that would like to participate @ Open Dex, DJ's may only sign-up for two Saturday's in a row.

The bar and storage areas in the ANZA.

1 - DJ's and guests are not permitted to go behind the bar or in the storage areas without the permission of the bar staff (for the bar) or the host (for the storage area). The ANZA club is a business and the DJ's are not considered staff. 2 - DJ's who are playing for that night receive two drinks @ staff prices.

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